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Why invest in Magellan Gold Corporation?

Welcome to the investor sections of the Magellan Gold website. In the current market, we believe our company offers a compelling investment story.

Magellan is an aspiring metals producer focused on the acquisition and development of mineral resources. But what sets it apart and makes it a compelling investment? Our goal in the coming months will be to restart production and cash flow, to build our precious metals resource base, and to achieve greater market recognition for the benefit of our stockholders!

The company will continue to seek other quality precious metals properties near the SDA processing plant with the objective of building the production profile, and we will take advantage of opportunities to augment production by toll treatment of third-party ore.

For your consideration, we provide the following investment highlights:

  • New management team – extensive experience in development and production management.
  • Management ownership 21.5%, and large supportive shareholders.
  • Other precious metals properties within trucking distance of the SDA Plant have been identified for possible acquisition.
  • The Company also will take advantage of opportunities to treat ore on a toll basis for third-party suppliers.
  • The Silver District, Arizona, is 100% owned and has a historic drilled resource of 16 million contained silver ounces.
  • Excellent potential exists to expand the known silver resource at Silver District.
  • Silver is experiencing record demand in both monetary and industrial markets, and demand is forecast to continue to increase in the coming years.
  • Magellan has been “under the radar” as compared to many of its peers.