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Magellan Gold Corporation

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Magellan Gold Corporation (OTCQB:MAGE) currently controls four projects: the underground Santa Maria mine in Chihuahua-Mexico, the SDA flotation plant in Nayarit-Mexico; the El Dorado underground gold mine near the SDA Plant; and the Silver District Property in Arizona.

Magellan’s business strategy is to leverage its senior management expertise in mining operations to become a metal producer in 2020. The company will continue to identify and pursue mining opportunities.

Magellan plans on reactivating the Santa Maria mine and shipping the extracted mineralized material to the existing toll mills in the Parral region. The company is also developing plans and analysis for constructing a leach circuit to augment the SDA flotation plant in Nayarit. Reconnaissance of the region surrounding the SDA plant shows there is oxide material for processing in a plant that has leach capabilities. We are pursuing potential partnerships for the El Dorado mine and the Silver District properties with other small mining companies to insure the advancement of the company’s portfolio.