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Magellan Gold Corporation (OTCQB:MAGE) is focused on the exploration and development of precious metals in North America. Magellan’s flagship project is The Center Star Gold Mine located in the historic Elk City mining district, Idaho.

We are additionally working to build a collection of operating gold mines in the Western United States. Our goal going forward will be to resume production and expand our resource base to achieve greater market recognition for the benefit of our shareholders.
We have not presently determined whether the properties to which we have mining rights contain mineral deposits that are economically recoverable.

Magellan Projects

Silver District

The Silver District Project is an advanced-stage exploration project located in southwest Arizona

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Magellan Gold Corporation is an aspiring metals producer and our principal business is the acquisition and development of mineral resources. Magellan controls three projects: The SDA Plant in Mexico, the El Dorado Gold-Silver Project near the SDA Plant and the Silver District Property in Arizona.

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