Why invest in Magellan Gold Corporation?

Welcome to the investor sections of the Magellan Gold website. In the current market, we believe our company offers a compelling investment story.

Magellan is a rapidly growing exploration company focused on exploring and developing precious metals properties. But what sets it apart and makes it a compelling investment? The key ingredients: Quality assets; experienced management; and a superior business plan for dynamic growth. In the years ahead our goals will be to increase production and cash flow, to build our precious metals resource base, and to achieve greater market recognition for the benefit of our stockholders!

Acquisition of the SDA processing plant in Mexico will allow Magellan to commence production and will transform the Company into a precious metals producer. Magellan also has placed a high priority on expanding the silver resources at the Silver District, Arizona, with the goal of advancing the project toward production. The Company also is earning a 50% interest in the exciting Niñobamba Silver-Gold Project in Peru, which holds promise for a major discovery. Magellan will continue to seek quality silver projects with potential for early production

For your consideration, we provide the following investment highlights:


  • Proven management team – extensive experience, impeccable credentials, disciplined.
  • Management ownership 23%, and large supportive shareholders.
  • Acquisition of the SDA Mill, Nayarit State, Mexico, will transform Magellan into a production company.
  • Management intends to build up production through the SDA Mill and increase cash flow.
  • Silver District, Arizona, is 100% owned and has a historic drilled resource of 16 million contained silver ounces.
  • Excellent potential exists to expand the known silver resource at Silver District.
  • Niñobamba Silver-Gold Project, Peru, in which the Company is earning a 50% interest, exhibits excellent potential for a major discovery of one or more disseminated, bulk-minable precious metals deposits.
  • Silver is experiencing record demand in both monetary and industrial markets, and demand is forecast to continue to increase in the coming years.
  • Silver is undervalued relative to gold based on historic price ratios.
  • Analysts predict silver will surpass $100 per ounce in coming years.
  • Magellan has been “under the radar” as compared to many of its peers.
  • Expect a market revaluation as the Company executes its business plan and becomes more widely recognized.